The Online Marketing Communications Masterclass.
Get unprecedented results from your marketing efforts without spending a fortune. 

You can gain instant access to my Masterclass for $149 (despite the video stating $495 – that was the original price). Crazy, huh?!

To gain instant access to the Member’s area and all the recordings, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

“… your first session was way above my expectations and so relevant …. for me that was the clincher, you just never know what you will get from training sessions. Your content was even better than your podcasts which is a little hard to believe!     Brett Morrison, Paint Place CQ.

There has never been a better time to market your business. Ever!

There are marketing opportunities everywhere that:

  1. Enable you to engage with your prospects;
  2. Generate quality enquiry … consistently;
  3. Allow you to make a big impact on a modest budget.
You just need to know where to look and what to do.

That’s why I recently ran an exclusive Marketing Masterclass, laser-focussed on showing business owners how to optimise the ROI from all their online marketing efforts. For 1.5 to 2 hours each week for 8-weeks, I was joined by online marketing royalty during which time we drilled down on a specific online marketing communications channel.

It resulted in over 15 hours of marketing gold … inside knowledge, that if listened to and implemented, will produce results for your business that you only ever dreamt of.

Every second was recorded … and these recordings are now available to you.

“First module was awesome. Loads of ideas to implement straight away. Tim is far ahead of the pack with no-nonsense straight talk.
If that is the standard for the entire Masterclass than this is going to be awesome.” – Arn Betteridge, Signature Clothing.

Who is this online Marketing royalty? And what topics do we cover?

Every marketing channel covered in this Masterclass, I’ve used to build my own successful Marketing consultancy. However, I certainly don’t profess to know everything about marketing your business online, that’s why I pulled in the A Team! Here’s who you’ll hear from and what we cover:

Branding – Presented by the Head of Marketing at Monash University, Professor Mike Ewing and myself. The importance of building one and a step-by-step process showing you how to do it.

Content Writing – Presented by leading online writer Kerry Finch from Kerry Finch Writing. How to create engaging content that drives traffic.

Copywriting – Presented by Nathan Hangen, Copywriter Extraordinaire. Discover how to write sales copy that converts.

Websites, How Google Works & SEO – Presented by Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year, Pete Williams from Prenueur Marketing. The characteristics of a high converting website, how Google works and how to rank well.

Google Adwords – Presented by ‘Google approved’ Mike Rhodes from WebSavvy. How to optimise your Google Adwords account set-up to generate quality enquiry.

Business Success Principles – Presented by Australia’s leading Internet marketer, James Schramko from SuperFastResults. Discover exactly what they are and how your marketing can directly impact upon them.

Facebook Ads – Presented by Facebook specialist (it’s what she does!) Jen Sheehan from FB AdLabs. How to optimise your business presence and create an effective Facebook Ad campaign.

Twitter – Presented by Tim Reid & Gavin Hodgins from Flexitank. Learn 10 ways to optimise your presence and hear from a business owner who’s successfully using it as their primary marketing channel.

Video Marketing – Presented by video marketing pioneer, Dave Jenyns from Melbourne SEO Services. Discover how to use and create video to promote your business.

Podcasting – Presented by myself & Luke Moulton from Australia’s #1 marketing podcast – The Small Business Big Marketing show. 18 steps to getting your first episode live on iTunes.

Outsourcing – Presented by Dave Jenyns from Melbourne SEO Services.
With so many marketing ideas and strategies shared throughout this Masterclass, this final session shows you how to put together a virtual marketing team.

“Thank-you Tim, I’ve learnt so much already.” – Comment sent during Session 1!

How You Will Benefit From This Knowledge …

  • A thorough understanding of modern, high impact marketing channels AND how to implement them successfully;
  • Increased quality enquiry;
  • Greater awareness and clarity of your brand and offer;
  • Less time and money spent on marketing initiatives that don’t return a solid ROI;
  • The ability to create engaging messages and know exactly where to place them for maximum impact. This is SO important.

Here’s what you’ll receive …

  • Password protected Member’s Only access to:
    1. The video recording of every session.
    2. The audio recording of every session.
    3. A PDF of the slide decks used in every session.
    4. Exclusive offers made by the presenters that you will not find anywhere else.
  • All up you receive over 15 hours of actionable online marketing gold.

Who is this for?

  • Business owners & marketers frustrated by their current marketing efforts and wanting an increase in quality enquiry;
  • Both Service and Product-based businesses owners;
  • Those selling to both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer);
  • Those with a modest marketing budget who want to punch above their weight;
  • Anyone in to constant business improvement;
  • The information will be pitched at a mid-level of marketing understanding
  • The business owner who wants to punch well above their weight by implementing marketing techniques that will make their business irresistible and have them racing past their competition.
  • The knowledge and information shared is pitched at an intermediate level. No tech talk. No BS. Just simple, effective ways of generating quality enquiry through online channels.

How much?

  • A one-off payment of $149.
  • You can pay by credit card.

What happens once you’ve paid?

  • You’ll be immediately sent an email that contains a link to the private Member’s Section (here’s some screen shots of what it looks like), together with your exclusive username and password.
  • You can login in immediately and start watching any session.
  • There is no software to download. And the videos and slide decks are yours to keep and watch as often as you like forever.

If you’re ready to take your marketing to a whole new level then please purchase at the link below ….

After 22 years of trial & error we now have a clear & defined plan to implement.

In a rapidly changing marketing world you either adapt to the shift to online or you die. All the old staples of advertising & promotion, though some still valid, just aren’t enough anymore.

This Masterclass is much more than an overview of what is happening in the online world. It is a blueprint of how to reassess your business marketing plan & target it for growth using all the new tools that online offers. By tapping in to presenters who have the skills, knowledge & experience to be considered experts in their respective fields, Tim gave us access to best practice in the world today.

This Masterclass gave me the tools to dissect our current business model back to its core values & redraft it with a laser focus that builds on its strengths & identified its weaknesses. After 22 years of trial & error we now have a clear & defined plan to implement.

Tim Reid’s manner & presentation style puts you at ease, like working with a friend you trust & respect, and his panel of experts are without peer.

A heartfelt thank you for this opportunity Tim, we now have the confidence & direction to grow to our true potential.

Arn Betteridge

Completing your Masterclass will give me the motivation to get my online marketing to a better place.
“All of the presentations were excellent – naturally some resonated more than others with me but I have tried to take your advice and find at least one thing in every lesson that I can implement. The opportunity offered by the individual presenters to avail yourself of their services or products at a discounted price is excellent … I have taken advantage of the offers from Mike Rhodes and Jen Sheahan so far and look forward to working with them in my search to better understand AdWords and to understand Facebook at all! I believe that completing your Masterclass will give me the motivation to get my online marketing to a better place which will hopefully result in greater revenue over time. I would have no hesitation in recommending this class for any business owner irrespective of the type or size of the business. In terms of the delivery of the course – A+! 
Laurie Williams, LJW Employment Solutions.

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