It’s Time To Realise Marketing’s True Potential.

Welcome. You made it. What took you so long?

Your marketing must have been working so incredibly effectively that you didn’t need help?

Or were you stuck working in your business to find any time to work on her (Mmmm…do you refer to a business in the female?)

Well, you’re here now. Well done. My name is Tim Reid (AKA The Ideas Guy) and I’m a Marketing Consultant that shows business owners how to make their business irresistible.

Here’s some ways I can help with the marketing of your business:

You can book me as an inspiring MARKETING SPEAKER – Choose from 10+ topics.

You can get innovative with my MARKETING INNOVATIONS WORKSHOPS.

You can gain 100% clarity around your branding with my BRANDING WORKSHOP.

You can register for one of my upcoming MARKETING WEBINAR SERIES.

You can listen in on Australia’s two most loved MARKETING PODCASTS.

Or you can start by purchasing Cha-Ching! That’s my 251-page HOW-TO marketing guide for small businesses.

Have I got you thinking? Excited? I hope so. I love marketing. It can have such an amazing impact on your business when done well.

Skype me (TheIdeasGuy). Email me. Call me +61 412 487 900.

I’m waiting …

Tim Reid

Tim Reid Twitter

BTW, my expertise as a The Ideas Guy is on display at Flying Solo, an online resource brimming with small business ideas and advice.

“Tim Reid is the living breathing expression of the gifts he brings to the business and marketing world — He’s genuine, engaging, tirelessly innovative and infectiously magnetic. As a small business executive or visionary entrepreneur, your business is like a small (or large!) child and you need to know that the people you share your visions with are going to care about them like you do, with a genuine commitment to stewarding their growth beyond what you may currently be able to imagine. Tim’s passion for staying ahead of the leading edge in marketing, combined with his gift for sharing that knowledge in meaningful, empowering ways, makes working with him immensely beneficial to the bottom line of any marketing endeavor… and a ton of fun in the process. Love that guy!” May 31, 2011

Chip Richards, Co-Founder, New Earth Creations

“Tim Reid provides great creative ideas and content. He is fun, challenging, creative and delivers. I have used Tim for new concepts, re-branding and assistance with Business Development. His network of service professionals is exemplary and adds huge value to the outcome. Most importantly Tim brings contemporary marketing expertise and knows how to best utilise social media. Use him!”

Andrew Grant, CEO, CO2 Australia